Single Wrap Moku Bracelet (size 5)
Single Wrap Moku Bracelet (size 5)
Single Wrap Moku Bracelet (size 5)

Single Wrap Moku Bracelet (size 5)

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In the Hawaiian language, 'Moku' has several different meanings including 'broken,' 'pieces' and 'island.' This definition suggests that 'broken' can still be beautiful, valuable, usable...broken can instead simply mean 'separated,' or 'apart.'

When I find interesting fragments of broken shell, I always wonder where the other pieces are and how long they've been separated. When I collect and admire these small treasures, I can't help but think about we all begin as a part of something else. We move, we marry, we separate, we become our own 'island,' from which other pieces may eventually break away. Our edges, our insides, our unique shape tell our story. Beautiful is not always whole or perfect...beautiful can also be "broken."

This finished bracelet consists of 15 colorful, surf tumbled miniature shell and sea glass pieces. The closure is a secure cowrie lip toggle which blends seamlessly into the other ocean treasures.

The spiral macrame bracelet is made with with a light brown color outer cord and pink inner cord. It measures 5 inches, making it just the right fit for a 4.5 inch wrist (child/keiki size) and slightly under.

This one of a kind pieces is special, unique, beautiful, and JOYFUL and there is no more perfect piece of mermaid jewelry than this.

To you. From me.


The Sea