Moku Repair (Double Wrap or Single Wrap)

Moku Repair (Double Wrap or Single Wrap)

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When a friend contacted me to tell me one of her goats had chomped on her Moku and could I repair the loose pieces, I knew that this was something I needed to offer to the entire Moku community, because sometimes life is hard...sometimes we're hard on life...and when we're hard on life, we're hard on our jewelry.

As I've made and sold these special bracelets, I've learned that there are many of you who NEVER take them off. I am beyond flattered to know that you treasure your bracelets this much. 

I make every Moku with extreme attention to detail, care and aloha...but things happen, and sometimes the daily wear and tear of our everyday activities can take a toll on even on our most cherished pieces of jewelry. 

I am now offering Moku repair so that you can continue to wear your Moku, with confidence, for as long as you wish. Wether the repair is a small tweak, or an entire rewrap makes no difference. You will receive your Moku, once again, in perfect condition.

When you purchase your Moku repair, you will receive an email with a return shipping label. Print the label and affix to a small padded envelope with your moku inside. It is that easy! Turn around time for repair is approximately 4-5 weeks.