Makani Teal & Turquoise Sea Glass Mobile
Makani Teal & Turquoise Sea Glass Mobile

Makani Teal & Turquoise Sea Glass Mobile

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The first time I visited Hawaii I was 15 years old. I remember standing outside, listening to the wind, and thinking that it was different here...something was different.

After moving to Maui 20 years later, I would hear locals talk about the wind in the same way - they would say that you could hear the voices of the departed kapuna on the wind. The wind IS different breathes life into everything around it, it guides, it cleanses, it speaks.

This sea glass mobile, called Makain ("wind" in Hawaiian) is intended to be hung outside where it can dance and sparkle in the breeze. It is made with five vibrant chunks of vintage sea glass in shades of teal to turquoise, as well as four pieces of vintage blue and white pottery and a beautiful rat cone which is suspended from the very end. At the top, a smooth piece of driftwood has been burned with the word "aloha"  - possibly the most significant word in the Hawaiian culture -the force that holds together existence.

Makani is approximately 22 inches long. A wooden ring at the top allows for safe and easy hanging on the lanai, in the garden, anywhere you want to add the spirit of aloha to your home.

Beautiful, beachy, filled with mana and made with aloha.

To you. From me.


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