Honu Koa Ornament
Honu Koa Ornament
Honu Koa Ornament

Honu Koa Ornament

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Koa wood has an honored heritage in Hawaii. The word Koa means 'warrior' in the Hawaiian language. The wood was originally used to make canoes and weapons for the warriors of King Kamehameha. It is still deeply important to the Hawaiian culture, and it is prohibited for anyone to cut down a living Koa tree.

However, the trees sometimes die naturally, as they have a 50-80 year life cycle. These cross sections of Koa are from a neighbors tree that was cut down after the tree had died. We live at sea level - which makes the wood of this Koa very blonde (as you go up in elevation, the wood became darker and the grain more "curly"). I am truly honored to have this Koa in my collection of materials.

I think this back story is important because not only are these sweet ornaments a reminder of beautiful Maui, they are also a testimony of her strength. 

Each ornament is approximately 1 inch across and 0.25 inches thick. A hanger made of silky nylon cord with a "tassely" edge is attached to each ornament and the year is written on the back using sea glass, shell and oil ink pen. Each ornament varies slightly, as no two shells, or pieces of sea glass are alike. Each piece is one of a kind.

Ocean treasures (sea glass and opihi shell) create a Honu (sea turtle) shape. A perfect little dose of the ocean for any sea lover.

To you. From me.


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