Heavy Whitewash Driftwood Wreath with Rainbow 'Opala Glass (20 inch)

Heavy Whitewash Driftwood Wreath with Rainbow 'Opala Glass (20 inch)

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Classic beachy whites wash meets Hawaiian driftwood in this fun and beachy 20 inch wreath. Beachouse decor has never looked so sweet.

Three layers, and approximately 150 pieces of driftwood, circle around an 8 inch opening. Each piece of driftwood is cut and sanded based on its specific placement and angle. You will see, when you look directly into the center, that the cross sections of driftwood form a perfect circle...made from imperfect and natural materials!

Each piece of driftwood is whitewashed before it is placed. The white washing gives the piece a uniform color and allows the 'opala glass (recycled machine tumbled glass) to stand out. Within the top layer of driftwood lies pieces of glass, arranged in a rainbow pattern. The glass will sparkle brilliantly in indirect natural light and will add a pop of vibrant color to any room.

This mirror is built on a sturdy 13 inch (1/8 inch thick) wooden circular board. It hangs by a strong (4 mm thick) cotton cord that is secured through the board. The hanger will not be seen when the mirror in placed on the wall. I would suggest using a mount such as an angled picture hanger for easiest and most secure hanging.

Each piece of driftwood is glued using a variety of industrial strength adhesives. I do not use nails or screws. I find that this better maintains the integrity of the wood. Each piece of driftwood is secured at many points to its neighboring pieces which gives structure and durability to the finished wreath.

Fun, colorful and beachy.

To you. From me.


The Sea