Handpicked Hawaiian Puka Necklace (20 inches)

Handpicked Hawaiian Puka Necklace (20 inches)

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I take a great deal of pride in the puka jewelry that I make. It is my "bow" to the Hawaiian culture and their ability to create such beauty out of natural, simple things. I make just a handful of these necklaces every year...only as many I can based on the sea glass, pukas and cone shells I've found over the season. The treasures in this necklaces are some of my most beautiful finds of 2019.

This exquisite, one of a kind authentic puka necklace is like nothing you have seen before. One beautiful cone top is the center of this statement puka piece. On either side, half inch pukas begin a gradual telescoping arangment all the way to shell toggle closure at the back of the neck.

Bold, beachy and also beautifully Hawaiian...and never another like it. This perfect piece of ocean inspired jewelry is 20 inches long with secure shell toggle closure.

To you. From me.


The Sea