'Ekolu: Three Strand Sea Glass Mobile in Reverse Aqua Ombre
'Ekolu: Three Strand Sea Glass Mobile in Reverse Aqua Ombre

'Ekolu: Three Strand Sea Glass Mobile in Reverse Aqua Ombre

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The sea glass mobile was the very first thing I made and sold as "The Aloha Shack." The mobiles are incredibly special to me and there is so much of me in every one I make. I spend hours choosing and preparing the right piece of driftwood, selecting the appropriate sea glass, sea pottery and shell, tying hundreds of knots to secure each treasure, measuring (and re-measuring) the space between them, and stringing each strand so it is just the right length.

To say that my mobiles are made with attention to detail is an understatement. I want every mobile I make to be perfect, so that when you look at it, you feel peaceful, tranquil, calm and captured by its unique and mysterious ocean mana.

‘Ekolu (Hawaiian for 'three') is three stands of 100% authentic aqua ombre vintage sea glass, hand strung on a beautiful piece of "v shaped" driftwood. Driftwood and sea glass were all collected from Maui beaches, including the three ethically sourced, surf tumbled cone shells at the bottom of each strand.

This mobile will sparkle brilliantly in the sun...I would highly suggest hanging your 'Ekolu in a bright area so you can enjoy her brilliance and vibrant colors.

This mobile is 10 total hanging inches (7 inches from wood to bottom of the center strand) and 6.5 inches across. It has 12 ocean treasures, including 6 chunks of beautiful saturated aqua and ice blue sea glass.

Beautiful, elegant, beachy, delicate and never another like this one.

To you. From me.


The Sea