Double Wrap Moku Bracelet MADE TO ORDER (Shark Tooth)
Double Wrap Moku Bracelet MADE TO ORDER (Shark Tooth)
Double Wrap Moku Bracelet MADE TO ORDER (Shark Tooth)

Double Wrap Moku Bracelet MADE TO ORDER (Shark Tooth)

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In the Hawaiian language, 'Moku' has several different meanings including 'broken,' 'pieces' and 'island.' This definition suggests that 'broken' can still be beautiful, valuable, usable...broken can instead simply mean 'separated,' or 'apart.'

When I find interesting fragments of broken shell, I always wonder where the other pieces are and how long they've been separated. When I collect and admire these small treasures, I can't help but think about we all begin as a part of something else. We move, we marry, we separate, we become our own 'island,' from which other pieces may eventually break away. Our edges, our insides our unique shape tell our story. Beautiful is not always whole or perfect...beautiful can also be "broken."

This MADE TO ORDER bracelet wraps twice and consists of 32 to 38 of the shell and sea glass pieces (depending on your wrist size) SHOWN HERE. This is the exact lot of treasures that will be used to create YOUR Moku. The closure is a secure cowrie lip toggle closure which blends into the other surf tumbled treasures beautifully. Please view pictures 4-8 for examples of PAST Moku Bracelets.

The spiral macrame bracelet is made with YOUR CHOICE of cord colors. For the primary "Outside" color, there are 4 neutral options (please see "Outside Cord Colors" in the 10th picture) and for the secondary "Inside" color there are an additional 6 colorful options (please see "Inside Cord Colors" in 11th picture...or choose a repeat color from picture 10). Don't want to decide? I can do that for you too!

PLEASE INCLUDE AN EMAIL ADDRESS upon checkout, because after your purchase of this lot, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM ME asking for the following information:

-wrist measurement

-choice of outside cord color

-choice of inside cord color

It is as easy as that. These one of a kind pieces are as special and unique as the people who wear them. They are colorful, beautiful, and JOYFUL and there is no more perfect piece of mermaid jewelry than this.

To you. From me.


The Sea